Friday, December 4, 2015

Snowflakes 2

Once I got started with the Peanut's snowflakes, I couldn't stop. I was trying very hard to come up with a Linus, but couldn't make it work. So for now I will share Sally and Lucy.

These where so much fun, I may have to see how I can finish the whole gang!!

Sunday, November 29, 2015


Right after graduating high school, I attended a junior college. I was fortunate enough to get a job in the testing center, proctoring exams for the online classes. The set up of the room was such that it had two doors. The space between the doors became my own personal canvas.

In the spring I would cut out flowers and butterflies to put up. The butterflies where such a hit that they would get taken by people walking by. I can't even explain how odd I found it that someone would steal a paper decoration off our wall.

In the winter time, I would make snowflakes. These where my favorite. While one butterfly would take me a long time, snowflakes could be cranked out quickly. I made so many that they ended up decorating more than just my little section of wall. I think this was where my love of decorating for parties comes from.

This year I began a job as a preschool teacher. I have really enjoyed having a classroom to decorate, but since we didn't have a chance to really put a personal touch on our room before class has been a slow process.

The theme for the school this year is Snoopy (or Peanuts). I printed off a Snoopy and Woodstock to enlarge and make for our wall. Now I use them to "decorate." For Halloween I dressed them up. Now for Christmas, I have made them costumes to change things up.

What does this have to do with snowflakes you ask? Well, I was cutting some snowflakes for our classroom when I got an idea: Can I make Peanuts snowflakes? You tell me...

 Thanks for stopping by!! Sorry I haven't had posts lately, I have been really busy.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Feeling Rusty

This summer I have not really pulled out my face paints. I was sure that I would be face painting as a side job, but quickly found out how difficult it is to get people to appreciate what you do. Most people do not want to pay for a face painter. They will always think it is too expensive.

I am now just face painting recreationally (expensive hobby) and for friends/family.

Today is the last day of summer vacation so of course, the paints came out. My kids had some friends over and they where watching a movie about a three headed shark. Yeah, not any better than it sounds, but a ton of fun for the kids.

Naturally, they wanted me to paint sharks. I found a picture of a great white shark on Pintrest and went to work. I found myself a little rusty. I struggled more to find the consistency I wanted in my paints. Also, I had a harder time getting my brush strokes the way I like.

All this tells me that I need to keep up with my practice. This will mean more face painting all year long.

Anyways, here are my sharks if anyone is interested...also a little seahorse and my first ever dolphin!!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New Doll Finds

Just a quick post today. I hope to have my sewing machine up this week and get some of my "to do" done soon.

I went to a teacher store today. I start in the fall as a teacher at my son's mother's day out program. I have never been in a teacher store and recommend that you go without your kids. (I will be in there again.)

I did find a few things for my daughter's dolls there.

How cute is the little globe? It is actually a pencil sharpener. The little treats are erasers. At just 99 cents, I will be picking up more erasers. They are too cute! The dolls are ready for a tea party now!!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Doll Target

I have been avoiding Target lately. I find when I go in, I come out at least $100 less in the bank account and not a lot to show for it.

Yesterday I had to go to Target for a birthday present. Of course, I stopped at the bins by the front door. WOW. Right now they are stocked with lots of items for school teachers and lots of fun minion stuff.

Here are a couple of things I found that are perfect for my daughter's dolls:
little notebook
These are tiny.
A little dog with carrier on clearance.
Look at that cute face!!
Here she is with her new pet.
Ready for school!!

Little Backpack...PERFECT size.
$3 for this little cutie.

I LOVE finding fun, inexpensive doll things!!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Fun With Shrinky Dink

I remember playing with Shrinky Dink as a child. We would draw a design, color it, cut it out and then watch the oven mesmerized by the plastic as it would wrap up then flatten out. Of course times have changed, and so has Shrinky Dink.

I picked some up at the craft store the other day. This specific kind of shrink paper is able to go through the ink jet printer. The background is white, not clear.

I decided that it might be a cute idea to make some My Little Pony necklaces for the girls at my daughter's party. Then I realized I could use them as tags for the goodie lunch boxes.

I found images of each pony and put them onto a word document. I made sure to lighten them a bit, as directed on the Shrinky Dink instructions. At 50% lightened, the shrunken finished product was light. I really liked them since the colors where true. My daughter and husband liked the ones I made with the image lightened to 80%. Either way, I made a bunch.

My favorite part was still watching them shrink. There is a moment of panic when the picture curls up tight and I kept thinking it wouldn't lay flat. I know that very cheap shrinking paper will get stuck curled and be ruined.

I can't wait to buy another package of paper. The 40% off coupon will come in handy.

Here are some pictures of what I made.
Here are the tags I made.

Tags/ necklaces.

The top one was 80% lightened while the bottom was 50%.

My Little Pony cuteness. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Doll Pet... Just a Little Bird

Getting a pet for an 18" doll is not too hard. You can find lots of dogs that are the perfect size for them. Beanie baby dogs and cats are a great fit.

Recently at Michael's I found a really cute bird cage. They had them at the baskets by the check out. I am pretty sure they where $3.00. I knew they where the perfect size for my daughter's dolls.

I had a couple of little black birds from Hobby Lobby that I was going to paint and use for something else. They have been sitting on my desk, patiently waiting. Change of plans.

I used a craft stick (popsicle stick will work) to make the bird ledge. I simply placed the stick in the cage, marked where the wire was and used an exacto knife to cut a slot. While this sounds confusing, it really only took a couple of minutes.

I wrapped the bird's wire around the stick, put it in place and I was done. Look at the cuteness!!!

The doll showing off her pet.

You can see the slots I cut out.

You just slide the stick down and it stays.

Pretty bird!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Thrift Store Shopping

I have mentioned how often I go to the thrift store on previous posts. There are two such stores just up the street from the dance studio my children attend. Instead of sitting in the studio or our in my car, I just go up the street and shop. There are a few specific things I look for when I go in.

1. Baby clothes: Newborn and preemie baby items can easily be converted into 18" doll size. (My daughter has an American Girl, a Journey Girl, a Madame Alexander and a Be My Girl doll.) Other baby items that are a quick redo are skirts. I look for items that look like something an older girl would wear. I stay away from the items that are really baby.

2. Jewelry boxes: If  you search Pintrest for AG doll house you will begin to notice all the jewelry boxes that have been redone as furniture. They are great as side tables, dressers, bathroom vanities and anywhere you would have a piece of furniture with drawers. Since the end product will be something my daughter will play with, I can get away with a light sanding and painting.

3. 18" dolls: One of the thrift stores I go to has 18" dolls available on a regular basis. Most of the time they are the Our Generation dolls from Target. Sometimes they will have Madame Alexander dolls. I was lucky enough to find a genuine American Girl doll there as well. The price is usually between $4 and $9. I will buy these dolls even if we are not keeping them. There is a great organization called The Broken Doll that takes dolls and gives them a makeover. They are then given to children in need.

4. Books: I am an avid reader. I go through phases where I am reading a couple of books a week. I don't feel bad buying a book and then getting rid of it since I didn't spend that much.

5. Dance/ gymnastics wear: I have found some great leotards and skirts for my daughter for under $5. Score!

If I have time, I will go through the clothes racks and just browse. You do have to dig for the gems, but then again, when do you not.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

My Little Pony Party

Originally my soon to be 7 year old wanted to have  her party at home. She picked My Little Pony as her theme. Having a party at home puts me into create mode. I started looking on Pintrest for ideas and buying things as I came across them.

Then she dropped a bombshell on me...she wants her party at the rollerskating ring. WHAT?!?! How could she do that to me? I was already on a roll with tons of ideas planned. I was crushed.

Of course that only lasted until I realized I don't really have to do anything for this party then. I can just make the goody bags, order the cake and go!

One day at Micheal's they where having an awesome clearance sale. They had MLP lunch boxes for under $4.00. I counted out how many girls will be at the party and picked them up. The goodies for inside the box that where under a $1.00 where: MLP stickers, notebook, press on nails, and mini pens. I was able to get other items for under $2.00. Each girl gets one of these. I have to say, I want one for myself!!! They are way too cute and so much fun. I am going to use my Cricut to cut out their names in vinyl and label each one so there is no confusion.

Front and back of the lunch box.

These goodies where about $1.50 each.

Found these at Walgreens for $1.50.

All these goodies where under $1.00.

For the boys I am just going to give them candy and a few trinkets. Maybe even a character cup...thinking minions...which I can pick up at the Dollar Tree.

So I am left with the want to do a MLP party and a great Pintrest board of ideas. Have your kids ever done this to you??

(Update: Added pictures on 5/18/15.)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Time To Sew

It is time to get my sewing machine out!

I have been going to my local thrift stores once a week since dance class started for my kids. We are almost at recital so I have a good stash of items I have purchased.

Preemie clothes and newborn are really close to American Girl size. These sizes can be harder to find in items that look like they could be little girl items since AG dolls are not babies. I stay away from onesies. Nothing will make that folded over collar look grown up. I look for skirts or dresses that I can make doll size quickly.

Some items from my stash.

I have a bunch of patterns thanks to Pixie Faire. If you are interested in making doll clothes, sign up for the Pixie Faire newsletter. They send you an awesome and free pattern every Friday!! They also have some free patterns on their site.

I can't wait to finish up with my stash. I will upload pics when I can.

Here is my Pintrest board that has some great free patterns and ideas for accessories.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Life gets in the way

Lately life has gotten in the way of blogging. My hubby has been home from having knee surgery since January 20th. I didn't realize how much it would change the focus of our house.

I have not stopped looking for American Girl or crafty things. I still visit the thrift store once a week. I have a stack of items I need to alter to fit my daughter's 18 inch doll. I am hoping to find a little time soon to get caught up again.

I know that over the summer I will have more time to sit and do what I want, but I hate to wait until then.

Please don't give up on me...I will be back to share very soon!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

More American Girl Accessories

Ran to the craft store yesterday and found a few more American Girl sized goodies. The cutest clipboards I had seen where only $1.50 so I picked up three. I liked how one had just ruled paper and the other had a checklist. There are magnets on the back which come right up.
Most of us have seen the mini tape dispensers. I grabbed the Valentine's day set which was on sale. Three dispensers for only $1.79.
I liked the little chalkboard easel. I will leave it to my sweet girl to decide what to use it for. Also at $1.50 I could see getting another one.
Lastly I picked up some small keys. I didn't want to get tiny keys since that is not realistic. I grew up with a spare key and it was not miniature. The keys where $1.99. Put them on a spare key chain and dolly is set.
I always keep my eyes open for inexpensive items the doll can use. I will share what I find.
I couldn't resist buying more than one.
This magnet just peels right off. Take it off slow to prevent too much tearing.
The kinds of little tape available blows me away.
Ready to use.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

American Girl Accessories

My last stop at the dollar store resulted in a few  doll finds. The party goodie bag section is great for miniature or doll sized stuff.
Here are the few things I found:
Reminds me of the recorders we played in elementary school.
Cute Tiaras.
What doll wouldn't live a tiara.
These make great belts!!!