Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Gymnastics and Medals

A byproduct of gymnastics competition is medals!!

Go onto Amazon and look up "gymnastics medal holders"...I'll wait...let's compare results.
The first item that shows up on my search result has the price of $38.95+$12.95 shipping. Who wants to spend that much?

I found a quick solutions, probably temporary, but very cheap.

How does it look?

Can you believe that this only took me $2.00 and some things I had on hand to make?

The picture frame is an 11x14 inch frame I found at the dollar store. Now this size of frame is not always in stock. I have about 8 frames this size in the back of my closet for future projects. (I like to print large size black and white pictures of my children to decorate our living room wall.)

The white hook is also from the dollar store. The metal is plastic coated which I might have been able to paint but didn't want to try.

There you have my $2.00 investment.

The silhouette I found online, resized and printed, traced onto black and cut out. Super easy!!

The background is just acrylic paint on a white sheet of paper. I could have used wrapping paper or maybe tissue paper, but I had a look in mind. Of course, the silhouette is not glued down so the background can be changed at any time.

Now I know we will have more metals than this. I will eventually find an alternative. What I will not do is spend $40 on it!!!

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