Saturday, May 23, 2015

Doll Pet... Just a Little Bird

Getting a pet for an 18" doll is not too hard. You can find lots of dogs that are the perfect size for them. Beanie baby dogs and cats are a great fit.

Recently at Michael's I found a really cute bird cage. They had them at the baskets by the check out. I am pretty sure they where $3.00. I knew they where the perfect size for my daughter's dolls.

I had a couple of little black birds from Hobby Lobby that I was going to paint and use for something else. They have been sitting on my desk, patiently waiting. Change of plans.

I used a craft stick (popsicle stick will work) to make the bird ledge. I simply placed the stick in the cage, marked where the wire was and used an exacto knife to cut a slot. While this sounds confusing, it really only took a couple of minutes.

I wrapped the bird's wire around the stick, put it in place and I was done. Look at the cuteness!!!

The doll showing off her pet.

You can see the slots I cut out.

You just slide the stick down and it stays.

Pretty bird!

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