Friday, May 27, 2016

Helping the Nail Polish Obsession

I have an addiction. I know I am not alone, my cousin is addicted too...we can't get enough of finger nail polish!!! I LOVE all the pretty colors and the new textures.

Recently I cleaned out my polish stash. I had some that where old and drying. I can't tell you how hard it was to throw them out.

I have a pretty nail shape so painting my nails has always been a pleasure. I went through a phase where I changed my color every couple of days. Now with 3 kids, not so much.

Then I came across this: Make Your Own Wonderful Galaxy Jewelry.

Oh my!!! My mind started to whirl. I had some flat bottom marbles from the dollar store. Of course, I had nail polish.

Thus started my addiction!!!!!

My little slice of the universe.

I used all the dollar store glass marbles and then headed to Michael's. They have glass marbles that don't have that weird sheen to the top of them.

I am not sure what to do with them now. I was thinking of making them into a stepping stone. I have avoided the glass marbles at both stores...too much temptation!!!

Hope I don't spread the addiction.

Here are some more pictures:

I just love them.

These are from the dollar store. They have that sheen.

The center one is from Michael's. It does not have the sheen.

Monday, May 2, 2016

New Toy...Cricut Explore

For years I have had a Cricut. I bought it off of Ebay back in 2009. This is exactly like mine:
In all honesty, I have not used it all that much. I quickly found that having to buy cartridges and having a cutting surface only 9" wide where limitations. In the end, I only ever bought three cartridges. I just couldn't convince myself to spend $30-$50 dollars buying images I wasn't even sure how often I would use.

The main use for my cricut was for party decorations. My last cartridge was for my son's dinosaur birthday. I made these to decorate his cake. They turned out so cute, my sister still has one of these saved.

For my son's Pooh party, I used my cricut to cut letters for a banner.

With Mother's Day around the corner...I ordered this:
I am SO HAPPY with my new machine. I WISH I had upgraded a long time ago. I can't stop looking for projects to make. So far:

I am having a love affair with vinyl. The tumblers are for my childrens' teachers. Sorry for the poor lighting in the pictures, it was late when I finished them.

I am so glad that you no longer have to buy cartridges for the new cricuts. There is a whole database you can use from with both free and membership images.

My old cricut sat in it's box until I needed it. Now I want to find a place for my new cricut where I can use it all the my printer.

Now to find a great online vinyl store so I don't go broke at the hobby store. We all know that while they hobby stores are great for getting items quickly, they don't always have the lowest prices.

Happy cutting!!!