Sunday, November 22, 2009

Too Cute Not to Try

I am steadily working on my sewing. I finished converting a 3-6 month dress into a cute skirt for my 18 month old. I made it up as I went, so it by no way looks "professional." Considering her shirts are long enough to cover the top, it looks really cute. I may have to post a picture.

Last year I made my son one of those fleece blankets that require no sewing, but a lot of knots. I have the fleece to make my daughter one as well. This will be the project for next weekend; especially since the fleece has been in my house for a year now.

I have found that fleece is wonderful. You can cut it and do not really have to finish the edges. It will not fray. With that in mind, I came accross this blog: Mad Quilter. She states that the pattern she is providing is for 6 month olds. Well, my 18 month old is pettite. She had a doctor's appointment last week and is now up to the shocking weight of 20 lbs 5 oz. With that said, I make the smock out of a red fleece blanket I purchased at Wal Mart on sale for $4.00. It looks so cute. I have to take a always... I am considering making a second one as a christmas present for a friend. Now to find out how to adjust a pattern to a larger size. Got to love the internet!! :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I posted my TO DO LIST in October. Let me just update it:

1. Finish the flower mobile for my little girl's room.
2. Transform 4 onsies into t-shirts. (I hate the snaps on the bottom.)
3. Transform a couple of dresses into skirts.
4. Make pair of baby jeans from some of mine that ripped.
5. Finish 4 sets of baby leggings.
6. Do wall art for my baby girl's room.
7. Finish some hair bows. I have more I am making, but did get the ones I wanted done.
8. Edit and upload pictures to Walgreens to print. Also never ending, but got caught up.
9. Scan high school and jr high pictures.
10. Get the wireless router to work. (HATE working on this problem.)
YAY!!!! Not bad at all. I should post a list of "projects" I would like to try. That one might actually be really interesting. Maybe another day.
As for now, I will enjoy my almost completed list.

Serious Sewing

Yesterday I finished a sewing project I started a few weeks ago. I found a great pattern for a purse at this blog: Artsy-crafty babe.

What is true of all people who have been sewing for a while...and know what they are doing...they make everything seem easy. Such is the case with this bag. I thought, sure I can do that. Well, I can, but it does not look as good as hers.

I am very proud of myself for starting and finishing a project I found challenging. I did not give up or decide to do something else. (I did leave off doing the "darts" on the bag...but maybe next time.) When I look at my finished project, I can see all the flaws. But then again, I guess that's what makes it truly mine. One more thing, it actually has pockets on the inside; on both sides. I did foget to add those before I put the lining together, but then again, what fun would it have been if I had done it the easy way. (I thought of something after I posted this: Maybe if I had picked a different fabric, not stripes, this would have easier. I spent so much time making sure the stripes matched up and where centered.)

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Today has been a really good day. Watched some really great football. Spent some great time with the family. And got to sit and make some bows.

I am so glad I have a little girl to dress up. I think there is nothing sweeter than seeing her cute grin with a bow in her hair. I still have a bunch of bows to finish, but was able to make quite a few.

Of course, I have not loaded the pictures yet....but hey, that's something to look forward to. (UPDATE 11/9/09: Pictures uploaded - some of what I got done.)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Sewing and more stuff done

I have finished the baby leggings. I have finished the flower mobile. I have finished the wall art for my daughter's room. While I have finished these, I still have more to do.

Also, I can't help but start a new project while the rest are not done. I have purchased the material to make a purse. Depending on how it turns out and how difficult it is, I am hoping to make some for Christmas.

I was at the dollar store the other day. They had these really cute thermal shirts, but only 2T and 3T. Knowing that they might run small, I purchased one of each. I got the idea from a blog...which I can't find now, but will update later. Turns out the 2T fits.

I cut one up to make ruffles...since they are all the rage. I kept changing my mind on adding them as a shirt front or around the collar. Well, the collar won. I also added a ruffle flower on the lower side of the shirt.