Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wish List

I have been looking at getting a new camera. My Olympus Stylus is fine for close up pics, but does not do to good when people are a little farther away. I was really disappointed on our recent Disney vacation. More than a couple of pictures came out very blury. So much for the picture of the kids with Mickey and Minnie or our son with Buzz and Woody.

Of course my mom reminded me that I will problaby spend a thousand dollars on what I want. GREAT since I am not working. GREAT since it's not really a need but a want. GREAT since I will feel really selfish if I buy it.

So for now it is on my "Wish List." Maybe the birthday faerie will have compasion on my when my birthday rolls arounds in July. Or Santa in December. Even though I really don't want to wait until December.

Maybe I will cross my fingers for good measure.

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