Thursday, May 14, 2015

My Little Pony Party

Originally my soon to be 7 year old wanted to have  her party at home. She picked My Little Pony as her theme. Having a party at home puts me into create mode. I started looking on Pintrest for ideas and buying things as I came across them.

Then she dropped a bombshell on me...she wants her party at the rollerskating ring. WHAT?!?! How could she do that to me? I was already on a roll with tons of ideas planned. I was crushed.

Of course that only lasted until I realized I don't really have to do anything for this party then. I can just make the goody bags, order the cake and go!

One day at Micheal's they where having an awesome clearance sale. They had MLP lunch boxes for under $4.00. I counted out how many girls will be at the party and picked them up. The goodies for inside the box that where under a $1.00 where: MLP stickers, notebook, press on nails, and mini pens. I was able to get other items for under $2.00. Each girl gets one of these. I have to say, I want one for myself!!! They are way too cute and so much fun. I am going to use my Cricut to cut out their names in vinyl and label each one so there is no confusion.

Front and back of the lunch box.

These goodies where about $1.50 each.

Found these at Walgreens for $1.50.

All these goodies where under $1.00.

For the boys I am just going to give them candy and a few trinkets. Maybe even a character cup...thinking minions...which I can pick up at the Dollar Tree.

So I am left with the want to do a MLP party and a great Pintrest board of ideas. Have your kids ever done this to you??

(Update: Added pictures on 5/18/15.)

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