Wednesday, January 28, 2015

More American Girl Accessories

Ran to the craft store yesterday and found a few more American Girl sized goodies. The cutest clipboards I had seen where only $1.50 so I picked up three. I liked how one had just ruled paper and the other had a checklist. There are magnets on the back which come right up.
Most of us have seen the mini tape dispensers. I grabbed the Valentine's day set which was on sale. Three dispensers for only $1.79.
I liked the little chalkboard easel. I will leave it to my sweet girl to decide what to use it for. Also at $1.50 I could see getting another one.
Lastly I picked up some small keys. I didn't want to get tiny keys since that is not realistic. I grew up with a spare key and it was not miniature. The keys where $1.99. Put them on a spare key chain and dolly is set.
I always keep my eyes open for inexpensive items the doll can use. I will share what I find.
I couldn't resist buying more than one.
This magnet just peels right off. Take it off slow to prevent too much tearing.
The kinds of little tape available blows me away.
Ready to use.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

American Girl Accessories

My last stop at the dollar store resulted in a few  doll finds. The party goodie bag section is great for miniature or doll sized stuff.
Here are the few things I found:
Reminds me of the recorders we played in elementary school.
Cute Tiaras.
What doll wouldn't live a tiara.
These make great belts!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Real American Girl

Tuesday I was at a local thrift store spending an hour before it was time to pick up my child from dance. I always look at their 18 inch dolls. If they are not too bad, I usually will buy them. The prices range from $4 to $8. My daughter's Journey Girl has a couple of Madame Alexander sisters.
Back to my story, Tuesday I found an American Girl doll for $3.98. Her hair looked a mess but seeing how this was the real deal, I bought her.
I have done the "Downy Dunk" on a couple of other dolls and it worked ok. I went online to see what other advice I could find for genuine AG dolls.
The first thing I noticed was the attention to the brush. I read you should not use plastic bristle brushes since they make the hair frizz. So I went to my local Sally thinking they might have a wig brush (metal bristle brush). Well, they used to carry one but it discontinued. I did pick up some leave-in conditioner for wig hair.
An AG brush can be ordered from their site or even on amazon, but I did not want to wait. I had an "aha" moment last night. Dog brushes have metal bristles. I ran to Wal-Mart and picked one up for $3.
I got home and went to work on her hair. It looks a thousand times better.
What do you think? Sorry I didn't take a better before. It didn't dawn on me to share until after I got started.
Her hair was a frizzy mess.
The only part not tangled was the tips.
This was when I decided to share. I had already done the bottom layer.
All conditioned and brushed.
I pulled her hair back.
My tools: dog brush and wig spray.
Her hair still looks a little frizzy, but you can run a brush through it now.