Saturday, November 23, 2013

Door Decoration

For my son's birthday, I made a number 2 to go on the door.

Our local Dollar Tree has some foam board. Part of the party decor was a tree that would go across the room. (We have a beam that divides our rooms.) I painted the foam board with brown acrylic paint. To vary the color, I watered down the paint. Once the paint dried the paper began to peel. So I did what any person would do, I peeled off the paper and used it to decorate the beam. I was left with the foam part of the boards. This "left over" board is what I used to make the number for the door.

I free handed the number and then used an exacto knife to cut it out. It did not matter that I had multiple pencil marks since the whole thing would be covered by streamer.

I used my hot glue gun (low temp) to attach the streamer to the number. The reason for the low temp is that I scrunched the streamer to make it ruffle. While the glue is hot, I pushed it together with my finger. High temp would be too hot and maybe even melt the foam.

I started at the bottom. The first piece of streamer I just glued down. I made sure to wrap it around to the back to cover the foam. I then began to ruffle it. All the pieces wrap around to the back. I also found it easier to just pull it off the streamer roll and cut once I was done making the ruffle.

For the very top, I just glued down a piece of streamer and wrapped it around to the back. To hang it on the door, I used a Command Strip. The number is really light.

While I was doing the number, I got an idea about decorating for Christmas. I made a Christmas tree for my door!!! I used the same technique. I see more door decorations made this way in my future!

How about:
a red heart
a four leaf clover
an Easter egg
red, white, and blue star
a pumpkin or bat

Of course, I have two other kids with birthdays. I am thinking of either their birthday number or their initial.

I will post pictures of my Christmas tree when it is done.

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Birthday Party

Last week we had the 2nd birthday for my son. I love throwing parties. I love having a bunch of little kids running around, having a good time. I do not enjoy the cleaning up, but the other stuff really rocks.

I LOVE Pintrest when it comes to party ideas. I created a board just for his birthday. The theme was Winnie the Pooh.

Since I had the theme for months, I was able to really take advantage of Goodwill and other secondhand stores. I picked up all the stuffed animals that where Pooh related I could find. I then would wash them and put them in a bin. I also scooped up all the Pooh books. Instead of giving the kids a goody bag full of junk toys and candy (that they don't need since Halloween was not that long ago) I decided to give them a toy and book. My sister-in-law gave me some treat boxes she had left over from her son's birthday. Into these boxes I put a fruit chew bag and a cellophane bag with some honey teddy grahams.

One of the pooh books I purchased was older and a little warped. I took advantage of this fact to give myself permission to cut up the book. I used the pages to make a couple of banner. The first banner was for my son's name. The second banner consisted of pages with character drawings. I used this banner just to decorate. Did you know that you can sew book pages to ribbon on your sewing machine? I did not, but thought I would try it. Well, I was surprised when it worked so well.


I made a number for the front door and some honeycomb pattern to go on the wall. I also used pictures from a Pooh calendar to decorate. I finished it off with a beehive I found at Goodwill (I made bees for it), some picked fence food labels, a barrel for the silverware and I was done.

I will post some of the pictures and maybe a "how to" of the decorations.

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