Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New Doll Finds

Just a quick post today. I hope to have my sewing machine up this week and get some of my "to do" done soon.

I went to a teacher store today. I start in the fall as a teacher at my son's mother's day out program. I have never been in a teacher store and recommend that you go without your kids. (I will be in there again.)

I did find a few things for my daughter's dolls there.

How cute is the little globe? It is actually a pencil sharpener. The little treats are erasers. At just 99 cents, I will be picking up more erasers. They are too cute! The dolls are ready for a tea party now!!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Doll Finds...at Target

I have been avoiding Target lately. I find when I go in, I come out at least $100 less in the bank account and not a lot to show for it.

Yesterday I had to go to Target for a birthday present. Of course, I stopped at the bins by the front door. WOW. Right now they are stocked with lots of items for school teachers and lots of fun minion stuff.

Here are a couple of things I found that are perfect for my daughter's dolls:
little notebook
These are tiny.
A little dog with carrier on clearance.
Look at that cute face!!
Here she is with her new pet.
Ready for school!!

Little Backpack...PERFECT size.
$3 for this little cutie.

I LOVE finding fun, inexpensive doll things!!!!