Monday, June 30, 2014

Fabric stash

Oh my. Recently I have begun to sew for my daughter's 18 inch doll. In doing so I have realized I have a large stash of fabric. 

When did this happen?

I have cotton fabric, heavy fabric, flannel, tulle...

I think when my daughter was born I got the idea that I would make clothes for her. Yeah, didn't happen. Now she is 6 and I find myself sewing for her dolls.

Our home now has 3 18 inch dolls. We have a Journey Girl (birthday gift), a Be My Girl (picked up at Tuesday Morning for $7), and an Our Generation (picked up at thrift store for under $4). 

Pintrest has given me many free patterns to try and I have made a few skirts, but need to work on my shirt skills. Let me just say that 1/4 inch seam allowances are really a challenge for me.
Simple skirt with trim as detail.

Reversible skirt, side 1.

Reversible skirt, side 2.

Pillowcase dress.

Two dresses from an old toddler dress.

Tutu with lots of layers.

One skirt from a jean leg, another from a toddler skirt.

If you find a cute, easy pattern let me know.

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