Saturday, July 26, 2014

Doll Carrier

I found a canvas laundry bag on sale at Walmart the other day. The bag is 22 inches by 60 inches (or something close).

While I have no need for a laundry bag, I did think it would be perfect as a base for a doll carrier. My daughter loves her new Liberty Girl (American Girl knock off) and likes to take her places. I try to limit this since I could see her leaving the doll somewhere and then it getting lost.

I have seen a few doll carriers, all priced more than I would like to spend. Since the laundry bag was less than $5.00, well, I see it being converted into a carrier.

Now here is my dilemma:
Do I make the carrier a simple one to just carry the doll?
Do I make the carrier as a bag with the doll that hangs on the side?

Not sure what I mean... Here are some examples of bags/doll kind:
OR just for the doll:

I may have to sit my daughter down and go through the different choices to see what she would be excited about. She has 3 dolls so I think I need to take that into consideration too.
Maybe she would want something like this which allows her to carry two:

Decisions, decisions.

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