Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine Cards

I know I am not the only one that is watching their wallets this year. For my son's school,  he needs 22 cards for Valentines Day. The other day I found this wonderful option. Thank you to the Long Thread for sharing.
If you have little kids, you probably have more crayons that you need. What a wonderful way to put them to work.

I did not have a heart mold when I began. I was walking through Target and spotted some ice trays for $2.50. They where made out of silicone, but did not have a label which stated they where dishwasher safe. I was wondering since I planned to put them in the oven. So I looked online for the general degree resistance of silicone. Sure enough, it would take a ton of heat to melt them.

I put them in the oven at 250 degrees and they came out fine. Also, I did this more than once. The first time I made the crayon hearts, I used rose art crayons. Those came out with a wax that had floated to the top. This wax does not draw. I then used a crayola crayon. Once again, they prove why they are my favorite brand.

Let me show you some pictures:

$2.50 ice trays: probably could put some pam in the trays to make the crayon not stick so much

Finished cards. Stuck the heart on with sticky squares from the dollar store. (already on hand)

Ohh, let me share one more thing. My new favorite shoes what I got for $7 on clearance at Marshall's.

Thanks for coming by!!

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