Monday, May 2, 2016

New Toy...Cricut Explore

For years I have had a Cricut. I bought it off of Ebay back in 2009. This is exactly like mine:
In all honesty, I have not used it all that much. I quickly found that having to buy cartridges and having a cutting surface only 9" wide where limitations. In the end, I only ever bought three cartridges. I just couldn't convince myself to spend $30-$50 dollars buying images I wasn't even sure how often I would use.

The main use for my cricut was for party decorations. My last cartridge was for my son's dinosaur birthday. I made these to decorate his cake. They turned out so cute, my sister still has one of these saved.

For my son's Pooh party, I used my cricut to cut letters for a banner.

With Mother's Day around the corner...I ordered this:
I am SO HAPPY with my new machine. I WISH I had upgraded a long time ago. I can't stop looking for projects to make. So far:

I am having a love affair with vinyl. The tumblers are for my childrens' teachers. Sorry for the poor lighting in the pictures, it was late when I finished them.

I am so glad that you no longer have to buy cartridges for the new cricuts. There is a whole database you can use from with both free and membership images.

My old cricut sat in it's box until I needed it. Now I want to find a place for my new cricut where I can use it all the my printer.

Now to find a great online vinyl store so I don't go broke at the hobby store. We all know that while they hobby stores are great for getting items quickly, they don't always have the lowest prices.

Happy cutting!!!

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