Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Heart Door Decoration

My front door is decorated yet again with a foam board and streamer design. Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I made a red heart.

 The decorations are so easy to make and they take no time at all. This time I just cut out a heart on a piece of foam board I had left over. The heart is about 14 inches wide by 9 inches high. I could have made a much bigger one, but was toying the with idea of making it on "O" in the word "LOVE." Maybe next year.

Instead of creating a ruffled look, I simply folded the streamer to make pleats. I wanted the maintain the clean, straight line of the edge. I could have drawn lines on the heart to make sure everything was perfectly lined up, but I wanted to finish quickly. I hate having my hot glue gun plugged in with my 2 year old wanting to get in the way.

I just drew the heart on the foam board and cut it out with an exacto.
This is what the edge looks like once cut.

The point of the heart has a piece of streamer covering it that is not pleated. The same is true for the "bumps" on the heart. I glued these pieces first. Then I simply pleated the streamer, ran a line of hot glue and put it down. I wrapped the edges around and glued them down. For the "v" in the top, I glued down a strip then cut a slit to the "v." I just put a tiny dot of glue there and pushed the streamer down.

Started adding streamer at the bottom.

As simple as folding over and gluing.

A few streamers glued down.

All done.

Keep an eye out for the four leaf clover for March.

Am I the only person who liked to decorate their door every month? I don't like those over-the-top, the whole front stoop is decorated thing. I just like a little something to make me smile when I come in my door.

(update 2/19/2014) Thanks to the moisture today, my heart has become ruffled.

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