Thursday, January 16, 2014

Door Decor over Christmas

After making the number two for the door when it was our son's party, I knew I wanted to do something more. I had some left over green streamer and the Christmas tree idea came to me.

Cutting the tree out of the foam board was really easy. I just used a ruler and a box cutter. (I put a piece of scrap cardboard under the foam board so that I didn't damage our wood floor.) I painted the "trunk" brown with some acrylic paint I had. I then attached the streamer with hot glue a little at a time. I used a low temp glue gun so that I could ruffle the streamer while the glue was hot. Starting at the bottom, just glue, ruffle, glue, ruffle and when you get to the end of the row you cut the streamer and move up. I glued the streamer to the back so that the side of the tree was covered. I attached the tree to my door with a command strip. (I only used one since the finished piece is really light.)

The silver star is from the dollar store and taped above the tree to the door.
The door decoration is super easy to do. We decorated it with some sequins, butterflies and cupcakes. I let the kids use my butterfly and cupcake punches on some glitter foam we picked up at the dollar store. I am sure you could just as easily add small tree ornaments.

  I am picturing a glitter or sequin heart for Valentines day. I will be sure to post a picture if I do.

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