Monday, September 22, 2014

Go Fish...Mommy The Toy Doctor

My kids love fishing poles. We have never been fishing, but they love to just cast their poles in the backyard.

I had my little guy (2 1/2 years old) with me at Tuesday Morning a couple weeks ago and we came across a fishing pole just for him. The pole came with these disks that have a screw on the top edge. The end of the fishing pole has a magnet on it that is not very strong. Why they don't test these toys before they put them for on the store shelves, I have no idea!

Of course as soon as we get home and the package is ripped off we find that the toy does not work. The magnet does not pick up the disk because it is to weak to lift a big disk with a tiny screw as the metal contact point.

Mommy to the rescue. I took out my glue gun and raided the tool box. I found some small washers I could glue on the disks (fish). I then glued a strong magnet to the pole's "hook" end. Wouldn't you know it, the whole thing worked. I then cut out some fish out of foam I got at the dollar store. I glued a little washer on the back of these as well.

I love being able to take something that we would just throw away and making it work.

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