Wednesday, May 21, 2014

American Girl Madness

My daughter is about to be 6 years old. She had always been the little girl taking her baby places or a stuffed animal. Recently she has been asking about an American Girl doll. We have multiple friends who have daughters that own AG dolls. While I do not judge them, I cannot bring myself to justify buying such an expensive doll. (Especially since I can just picture my 2 year old dragging it around by the hair.)

Since an AG doll is all she has been asking for, I set out to evaluate the alternatives. (Maybe I should do a post on the comparison.) My husband and I decided to purchase a Journey Girl. This doll is available at Toys R Us.

While her birthday is still weeks away, I am making accessories for her doll. I made a really cute duck tape purse for it and decided to make some for AG goody bags for the party. I am going to do a tutorial since it was actually very easy and my daughter LOVES it. She has asked me to make her one in every color.

Now if only I could figure out how to make a bed. 

Keep an eye out for the tutorial!! 

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